We insist on highest standard secure transactions and customer information privacy, as we are fully aware of the trust you have entrusted in us.

  • Our privacy policy is subject to change at anytime pertinent to the needs we feel; as it is not possible for us to keep you constantly updated every single time it is advisable for you to keep revisiting this page.
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Collection of Information-

When you shall begin using our website, we will collect and store your personal information provided by you from time to time. We aim to provide you a safe, efficient and customized experience specific to your personal needs and requirements .This helps us to provide services and features that most likely meet your needs ,and to continuously customize our website with relevance to your requirements. Moreover in the process of doing so we seek personal information from you that we consider necessary for achieving the aforementioned purpose.

In case you choose to transact with us, we shall be liable to collect certain additional information like billing address, credit/debit card number, expiration details, account number, bank and branch name, other important payment details and tracking information etc.

Similarly, we might collect additional information regarding your activities on our website and any other personal correspondence in form of emails, messages etc, can be recorded in a file specific to you. Allthe information we collect through direct or indirect correspondence with you shall be securely kept only in our possession.

We collect identifiable information(email address, name, phone number, credit/debit card details, other details) when you set up a free account with us.

Use and Sharing of Information
At no time will sell your personally identifiable details stored in our database , without your prior permission unless otherwise set forth in the privacy policy of the website. The information we receive for you or from you may be shared by us with our corporate affiliates, dealers, vendors and other third parties to transact , process and thereby successfully deliver your request order; to comply by law, regulation ,audit or order, to enhance your shopping experience by understanding your needs better ;to develop new offers and inform you of them; to alert you to new products and sales etc.(of our own and our business associates)in which you might be interested.

Please believe that we do not sell, trade or share your personal information at any particular time with any third parties for unknown/unreasonable reasons